vrijdag 16 juni 2017


All the time people tell me: "I cannot draw".
And I always respond with: "Every one can draw!"

Even if you do not have any experience with drawing?
I will make a personal programm for you and you will be amazed about your progress.

Do you want more information about the course?
Please send me a message and I send you the Information Package FOR FREE!
No strings attached.

Subjects are: plants, flowers and fruit.

The course costs 95,00 Euro.
Payment through Paypal
10 lessons for 13 weeks

  • Every week you will receive a lesson by email.
  • Once you finished the excercises and assignments for that lesson you send them to me by email for feedback.
  • You will receive personal and detailed instructions and comments about your work. If needed I give you extra excercises.
  • I love to give a personal and positive aproach to each of my students.


The course material contains 55 pages with 90 drawings and pictures and 38 exercises and assignments.

Some of the subjects in the course are: 

  • learning to see light and dark = values
  • perspective
  • taking correct measurements
  • transfering drawings
  • compositon
  • composing a studypage, etc.
During the lessons you will learn a lot about technique but also and more important to look very well at you subject.
The exercises are inspiring and fun to do.

Some information about me:
I was born in Amsterdam (1948) and I live since 1980 in a lovely town  in Hoorn, The Netherlands.
Since I was very young I always have been creative and I love to draw and over the years I did many courses and studies. 
  • The Rietveldacademie" in Amsterdam.
  • Many courses in different techniques, materials and disciplines in Hoorn
  • The last 5 years I did several online studies and courses in Botanical Drawing with "The LondonArtcollege" (Diploma with Merit "Botanical Illustration"), "Botanical Art" with Dianna Sutherland (England) and Leonie Norton (AustraliĆ«).
  • For more than 2 years I followed courses in painting Fine Art in oilpaint with Monique Eysink (The Netherlands)

In case you have questions? Please contact me!
Do you have already some experience in drawing? Please send me some of your work and I will tell you if my course is suitable for you.

Hope to welcome you as a cursist(e).